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Summer 2020 Share Pricing
$540 for Summer SHARE, weekly June through September.

June 1st $135
July 1st $135
August 1st $135
September 1st $135

Now accepting Debit, Visa, Mastercard, e-transfer and cheques (posted dated cheques payable to Edencrest Farms)! Payment is due the 1st of each month. Please drop off or mail to:

2904 Rainbow Valley Road West
Minesing, Ontario L9X 1G5

Winter 2020-2021 Share Pricing
$1080 for Winter SHARE, weekly October through May.

Oct 1st $135
Nov 1st $135
Dec 1st $135
Jan 1st $135
Feb 1st $135
Mar 1st $135
Apr 1st $135
May 1st $135

$10 per month for Barrie Delivery

Thank you very very very much!!  It was really the right choice that we had our wedding here with your help.  We had a wonderful and precious time.  We won't forget it!  Someday when we move back to Ontario, we will come back and take a kitten!  We love you both!

Kyle and Ryoko Kingston from Vancouver, BC