February 19, 2012: My the winter is going quickly by.  We have filled all our apprenticeship vacancies now.  This year we have 6 interns working with us with one returnee (Steve) from 2011 and 5 new young people, all from different regions of the globe.  Cornelius gets the prize this year for coming the farthest as he hails from South Africa.   Welcome to Doug and Stacy from Ridgetown (formely from BC), Matt from Mansfield, Ontario, and welcome to Christy who's hometown is London, Ontario. 

  We are really excited about teaching and working with these young people this year.  It is so encouraging for us to know there are many young people out there willing to learn how to farm and wanting to make farming as their full time career.  One of the many telltale signs in February that spring is just around the corner is that our barn cats are mating.  Once you step into the barn each morning you hear that romantic meowwwwwww from our tom cats as they are trying their best to woo their favourite girlfriend(s).   Maureen has received almost all the garden seed now, and it's all being categorized and accounted for to make sure the seed company didn't make a mistake and send us either the wrong seed or didn't send it at all.  Tomorrow will be our first day for rototilling up part of our winter greens in the second greenhouse and we will begin planting lettuce, spinach, mustard greens, salad turnip, swiss chard, and radishes.   This past week we were pleasantly surprised with the great abundance of Bok Choy in that second greenhouse.  With no heat through the winter, and with only the row cover for protection, the Bok Choy came through the season with flying colors.   We have had two big snow falls this past week and it now looks like a very typical winter here in Central Ontario.  This day on February 19, 1916 in my great grandmother's journal:  "Dad and Harry chored.  Gordon was 2 hours with the team sleigh working on sideroad ploughing snow.  Newman brought over the chicken money.  8 roosters weighed 36 lbs and he got 21 cents per lb.  We sent a can of cream today to the dairy.  We fixed up the pig pen floor.  John Daley brought over a gas engine for us to try.  The weather is very mild".

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My kids really enjoyed going out to Edencrest, to see the animals and the farm. I was delighted to findout all the fresh CSA food you have available, including the pasture-raised beef.

J. Gingrich, Barrie, ON