May 2, 2012;   Wow!  This spring has gone so fast.  It's been 6 weeks since I last blogged on and it feels like 2 weeks.  So much has happened.  Since then the weather has been dreadfully cold, especially at nights with most being below freezing and sometimes by about 5 degrees C. 

  Our corn furnace has been going each evening keeping our new seedlings warm and cozy and ready for transplanting when the frost scare is finally over.  Usually by May 24, it's safe to put out the most delicate plants like the tomatoes, and ciucumbers.   Our third greenhouse is up and running, thanks to our friends and neighbours who arrived on the only non windy day we have had all spring to put the 2 layers of plastic on it.   Within about 2 days, it was planted entirely with romaine lettuce and some cucumbers - all transplants from the heated greenhouse and then covered with 2 rows of rowcover which will act as an insulation against those frosty nights we have being experiencing.   This has been such an exciting few weeks.   The arrival of our interns began on April 22 with our first three anxious and excited young people.  Cornelius (goes by Corne) for arrived on Sunday just in time for lunch and as soon as he stepped through our door we just knew it was going to be an awesome summer.   Our farming community is in safe hands when we have responsible and dedicated young people like these interns taking over the next generation in farming.   Amy, our veteran, joined us on Monday in her 5th year at Edencrest and has been telling everyone every day stories of all the things that worked and didn't work at the farm these last few years.  Planting and tractor driving has been one of the few teachings this last week and I am just amazed how fast they catch on.  It's so nice to just ask someone to hop on a tractor and feed a round bale to the cattle and to know it will be done right and done safely.  One week later on April 29 Christie arrived.  She has just finished her 2nd year at university in Peterborough and she has just blended in with everyone else in know time at all.  Within the damp and wet days we have been busy planting - mostly onions and now carrots, along with the continual plantings of our lettuce, spinach, and swiss chard, and also more radishes.  This year, after spending 2 and a half hours last Saturday planting onions by hand doing 4 rows , we thought we would try Plan B.   Why not try planting onions using our 2 row mechanical transplanter?  We did the squash, and melons that way last year so it should work for onions too.  After about an hour of tinkering on the machine to get the planting depth adjusted and the spacings between the seeds correct we were out there planting onions.  One person on each seat dropping an onion down the transplanter hole with another person with a straight eye driving, (key phrase being straight eye), we were able to do about 20 rows in the same time we did 4 rows on Saturday.   Today we will be planting more carrots, onions again, and beets - hopefully all before we get more rain this afternoon.    

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My kids really enjoyed going out to Edencrest, to see the animals and the farm. I was delighted to findout all the fresh CSA food you have available, including the pasture-raised beef.

J. Gingrich, Barrie, ON