February 3, 2012:  With this unseasonably mild winter, it sure is easy to get into the spring planting mood.  Maureen has been busy planting from seed some radishes and green onions in our heated greenhouse.  It's so important to maintain the soil temperature at 10 C or higher during seed germination and Maureen has already checked her plantings.  So far everything looks good!  

These veggies will be ready later on in the winter for our CSA baskets and will replace the Claytonia or Miner's Lettuce which will soon die back again till fall.  This Claytonia is an amazing lettuce.  It flourishes in the cold weather, severe temperature drops does not seem to bother it, it just keeps growing.  Once the days begin to get longer in the spring our Claytonia begins to turn brown and die off.

     We are now in the midst of our apprenticeship interviews.  So far we have 3 very worthy students signed up for this summer and we are looking for 2 more before we close up the interviews for 2012.  It is reassuring that agriculture will be in safe hands for years to come if we go by the number of young people who are keenly interested in taking on farming as a career.

     This week has also been a week of contacting horse owners who have a draft horse for sale.  "Maggie", our remaining Norweigen Fjord, looks so lonely out there in her paddock all by herself.  Maggie is only 14 hands in height so we are looking for either another Norwiegen or a shorter type of heavy draft horse for her new stable mate. 

    Reading in my great grandmother's journal, this date in 1916 - "Gordon completed 24 days of winter road work on the 14th sideroad.  Ellwood went back to go on the log haul.  Harry was out collecting for the Campbell's presentation.  He did good.  He collected over $11.00.  Gordon planted 50 seeds of yellow alfalfa seed and 25 brown ones in a box in the house for a trial.  Dad done chores.  It was a stormy day"          

Summer 2018 CSA Starts June 13

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Thank you very much for the wonderful time on your farm.  We had a relaxing and peaceful time-the children enjoyed riding-and the little cats-and Sparkey!  The breakfast every morning was better then most 5 star hotels! And the taste of fresh eggs is not comparable to the normal ones!  Klass' favorite was the potatoes!

Klass, Margit, Eva, Phillip, Lisa from Germany