November 1, 2012:  Our last 2 interns have gone now so it's back to ma and pa again.  Corne and Cian finished working here on October 15.  Most of the outside work was done except for a few more root vegetables to pick and clean.  Cian plans to work closer to the Kingston area this winter and we want to thank him so much for his help, his cooking, and his great ideas he brought with him to Edencrest. 

Corne is still available when we need him, so I think he will be back soon to help us with a few odd jobs.  He is a handy guy to have around, always reliable and always open to new ideas.  Plowing the gardens is a priority now, as most of the veggies are gone.  Putting our compost on the gardens first and then plowing it down is a must before it leaches away.   All the greens are up now in the second and third greenhouses.  It won't be long before we will be harvesting them.   We plan to plant the same now in our heated #1 greenhouse.  With the extra heat, the seeds will germinate soon.  With the short days it does take much longer for most greens to grow.Novemb

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Close By Barrie & Collingwood:

2904 Rainbow Valley Road
Minesing, Ontario
(close to Barrie and Collingwood)

Thank you very very very much!!  It was really the right choice that we had our wedding here with your help.  We had a wonderful and precious time.  We won't forget it!  Someday when we move back to Ontario, we will come back and take a kitten!  We love you both!

Kyle and Ryoko Kingston from Vancouver, BC