Jim has never been so happy to see the end of summer!  It was so wet and cold most of the time and he is looking forward to a new season in 2015!  All in all, the harvesting did go well, all the wheat, barley and oats are off and the straw and hay is all stored and ready for winter.  Our winter wheat has been planted and it is coming up nicely.  Over the next few weeks, we will finish harvesting the beets, sweet potatoes, parsnips and apples.  We still have some great broccoli growing in the fields and the sweet corn is good too.  Hopefully, we will get our garlic in the ground before the snow comes!

We decided to keep 7 of our heifers that were born last year, as new breeding stock.  In the long run, this will help with the back log of families waiting for a side of beef.  

On a sad note--we had to say good bye to our precious barn cat named Patches.  She use to come to the house every morning to catch a ride on Jim's shoulder on his way to the barn.  It did not matter wihat the weather was like, she was always there to greet the morning. She has been greatly missed.


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Close By Barrie & Collingwood:

2904 Rainbow Valley Road
Minesing, Ontario
(close to Barrie and Collingwood)

Thank you very much for the wonderful time on your farm.  We had a relaxing and peaceful time-the children enjoyed riding-and the little cats-and Sparkey!  The breakfast every morning was better then most 5 star hotels! And the taste of fresh eggs is not comparable to the normal ones!  Klass' favorite was the potatoes!

Klass, Margit, Eva, Phillip, Lisa from Germany