July 1, 2012:  Steven has now joined us as our latest intern.  Steven just finished Grade 12 and will be going to georgian College in Orillia this coming fall.  This is Steven's second year here at Edencrest, plus he has helped us on occasion throughout this past year when we needed extra help.    This summer has been dreadfully dry.  We have been fortunate though as we have had at least some rain from time to time.

  Our cauliflower got burnt off with the heat and too little moisture.  This is a bad year for lettuce, as it is a cool weather vegetable.  We are still able to save some lettuce for the Farmers Market on Saturday but we have lost most of it this summer.  The spinach has been challenged also with this heat, but we have continued to plant more and more of it to keep it young and fresh.  The third green, the swiss chard seems to be more tolerant to any extreme weather; too hot or cold, or too wet or dry doesn't seem to affect our swiss chard.  We have been invaded with pest this year - the cucumber beetle, potatoe beetle, tomatoe worms, flee beetle, and the aphids.  We have been trying to row cover some of the vegetables that are more susceptible to the flea beetle and aphids but we still have lost some veggies.  About 17 rows of zuchinni succumbed to the cucumber beetle.  The older and more mature melons, cucumbers, and even the older zuchinni were all attacked by the pests but we able to tolerate them.  Most pests enjoy more of the younger and more tender plants.  Part of the morning chores each day has been to check the potatoes for beetles and the tomatoes for tomatoe worms.  If you keep on top of it, it doesn't take long.   Hopefully their breeding cycle will come to an end and we won't have to worry about those little pests any more.

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Thank you very very very much!!  It was really the right choice that we had our wedding here with your help.  We had a wonderful and precious time.  We won't forget it!  Someday when we move back to Ontario, we will come back and take a kitten!  We love you both!

Kyle and Ryoko Kingston from Vancouver, BC