December 25, 2012:  Christmas has been a little different this year as Maureen has been in the hospital on and off these last 3 weeks.  Today I spent the day with her in the hospital, nothing much gets done during the holidays as they are short staffed and the specialists are usually away.  At least we know what the problem is so hopefully she will be home again by Friday.  We do have  some good news to report. 

Two of our interns from this year are coming back again for 2013.  Amy and Steven.  Applications are coming in now from new CRAFT internship inquiries so hopefully we can begin the interviewing process early in the new year.  Winter time is a period where we can go to agricultural workshops and seminars.  Many of these seminars include topics like machinery repairs, growing vegetables in greenhouses, estate planning, livestock management, networking, organic farming, pest control, and weed control among many many other interesting and educational events.   January looks quite busy and we have several bookings on our calendar.  Of course the big one of the year is the Organic Conference in Guelph at the end of January.  

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2904 Rainbow Valley Road
Minesing, Ontario
(close to Barrie and Collingwood)

My kids really enjoyed going out to Edencrest, to see the animals and the farm. I was delighted to findout all the fresh CSA food you have available, including the pasture-raised beef.

J. Gingrich, Barrie, ON