October 3, 2012:  Our summer CSA finished the second last week of September.  Whew!!   This last week we took it easy with nothing really pressing except to harvest for the Toronto Market on Saturday.  Welcome back to the farm Corne!!   What a beautiful wedding and on such a beautiful picture perfect day.  

No one is more keen to see him back than Cian.  He has been the main guy here for three weeks and is really glad to get some help again.    We cleaned out the remaining cucumber vines from the 3rd greenhouse and the same of the tomatoes and their vines in our second greenhouse.  This week we have planned to put compost in both greenhouses and work it in.   Our winter CSA is beginning now, so we still do have much more to harvest from our gardens yet.  This is indeed a transition time for us as we make preparations for planting our winter veggies in our three greenhouses.  Lettuce, spinach, beet greens, claytonia, and swiss chard will be planted shortly, giving them ample time to germinate, and mature this fall before the deep freeze of winter sets in.  Our winter CSA goes from October 1 to May 31.  The days are so short now.      It seems the dew is not off the gardens until at least noon and it's hard to pick our vegetables when they are so cold and wet in the mornings. We are still harvesting our root vegetables, storing them when we can.  The sweet corn is still doing well.   No early frost, so we are all good.

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Thank you very very very much!!  It was really the right choice that we had our wedding here with your help.  We had a wonderful and precious time.  We won't forget it!  Someday when we move back to Ontario, we will come back and take a kitten!  We love you both!

Kyle and Ryoko Kingston from Vancouver, BC