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My husband, Jim and I operate a 260-acre farm in Minesing, Ontario. (near Barrie) The farm has been in the Giffen family since 1945.  We have been certified organic since 2008 and we are adding more land every year.  Our CSA started 4 years ago with 21 families and we plan to expand to 200 for 2010.  This winter was our first year for a Winter CSA and we are able to supply vegetables to 45 families.  We have not had any off farm income for the last 3 years.  Before I married Jim and moved to the farm in 2004, I was a Business Developer for Telus Mobility. 

Jim's family ran a dairy farm and he has fond memories of farming with his dad.  Mom and dad live next door and are still an important part of the farm.  Their wisdom and helpful hands are greatly appreciated.  Jim has a degree in Agriculture from the University of Guelph. 

I was born in Hamilton and grew up on a small farm in Michigan.  We had 80 acres of sweet corn; cucumbers and a vegetable stand which began my love for farming. 

Today, Jim and I have a great life.  We have a cow/calf operation, raise chickens, laying hens, cash crop, bed and breakfast, greenhouse and a year round CSA.  We also attend two farmers markets each week, offer dinner parties at the farm along with hay rides and sleigh rides pulled by our team of Norwegian Fjords.   

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2904 Rainbow Valley Road
Minesing, Ontario
(close to Barrie and Collingwood)

Thank you very much for the wonderful time on your farm.  We had a relaxing and peaceful time-the children enjoyed riding-and the little cats-and Sparkey!  The breakfast every morning was better then most 5 star hotels! And the taste of fresh eggs is not comparable to the normal ones!  Klass' favorite was the potatoes!

Klass, Margit, Eva, Phillip, Lisa from Germany