It may seem early to be getting ready for winter.  In reality, we spend all spring and summer getting ready for the winter.  We grow vegetables for storage, bale hay for the cattle, bale straw for bedding and make improvements to help make winter easier.  This year, Jim put round bales up stairs in the barn.  Generally, we store the small square bales in the barn.  So, Jim and Jonathan, cut a large hole in the floor of the barn to push the round bales through as needed to feed the cattle.  This will be great because they will not need to blow snow from the barn yard and get out the loader tractor every day to move a round bale into the barn! I will let you know how that works out for us!

Jim has never been so happy to see the end of summer!  It was so wet and cold most of the time and he is looking forward to a new season in 2015!  All in all, the harvesting did go well, all the wheat, barley and oats are off and the straw and hay is all stored and ready for winter.  Our winter wheat has been planted and it is coming up nicely.  Over the next few weeks, we will finish harvesting the beets, sweet potatoes, parsnips and apples.  We still have some great broccoli growing in the fields and the sweet corn is good too.  Hopefully, we will get our garlic in the ground before the snow comes!

December 25, 2012:  Christmas has been a little different this year as Maureen has been in the hospital on and off these last 3 weeks.  Today I spent the day with her in the hospital, nothing much gets done during the holidays as they are short staffed and the specialists are usually away.  At least we know what the problem is so hopefully she will be home again by Friday.  We do have  some good news to report. 

December 1, 2012:  Where did November go?   Only 25 more days until Christmas.   This autumn has been great, as we have had no snow yet and we are getting alot of things done.   Plowing was put off for at least a month later than we generally do as we have had such an abundant fall harvest of vegetables and I hated to plow them under until we had some serious frosty weather. 

November 1, 2012:  Our last 2 interns have gone now so it's back to ma and pa again.  Corne and Cian finished working here on October 15.  Most of the outside work was done except for a few more root vegetables to pick and clean.  Cian plans to work closer to the Kingston area this winter and we want to thank him so much for his help, his cooking, and his great ideas he brought with him to Edencrest. 

October 3, 2012:  Our summer CSA finished the second last week of September.  Whew!!   This last week we took it easy with nothing really pressing except to harvest for the Toronto Market on Saturday.  Welcome back to the farm Corne!!   What a beautiful wedding and on such a beautiful picture perfect day.  

September 1, 2012:  Our interns are gradually leaving us to back to school.  Steven is taking his first year of post secondary education at Georgian College in Orillia.  Christie has left for Ghana and is working through a program offered by Trent University in Peterborough studying the second year of her environmental studies . Amy is going back to Georgian College in Barrie to complete her second year also.  Corne has been taking a little bit of time off since he is getting married tomorrow!! 

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Thank you very very very much!!  It was really the right choice that we had our wedding here with your help.  We had a wonderful and precious time.  We won't forget it!  Someday when we move back to Ontario, we will come back and take a kitten!  We love you both!

Kyle and Ryoko Kingston from Vancouver, BC